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Welcome to Chat Web! Glad you could join us. We have many chats for you to choose from as well as many other Chat Web services. Our main feature is Chat, however we also offer message boards and Email. Check out OFC for an adult fun free chat rooms experience.

We are fast becoming one of the biggest chat connections on the web thanks to people like you! We will continue to improve and add new services so you get the best web experience possible. Chat rooms of an adult nature are accessible at the Free Chat section. ALL of our services are and always will be completely free for you to use because they are supported by our sponsors.

Safety First! Please never give out personal information about yourself such as phone number or address. People here will only know about you what you intend to tell them.

Respect! Please respect all others on the chat line. Everyone is here to have a good time. Uk Chat Rooms are avaialble if you're British!

Our chat rooms allow users to chat privately in a separate window while still being able to watch and chat in the main room. Profiles allow you to add information about yourself for other chatters to see such as your description, homepage, email, likes and dislikes. Want to talk to adults in your local area? Adult Chat are a click away.

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